Let’s Go Hawaiian

I stared into the finished living room and the light looked amazing as the sun’s rays moved across the lanai. I took a moment to appreciate the beauty and take a trip back in time to the island of Kauai. I remembered the flames from the torches that leapt toward the sky and those warm trade winds that wrapped me in their wispy embrace. Relaxation washed over me as I prepared to watch the celebration of dance, native spirit, and aloha. The hula dancers told their story with hips and hands; and the sun disappeared beyond the horizon. This was a scene that I will never forget and I remember thinking with my limited Hawaiian vocabulary, this Wahine (Woman) could stay Mau Loa (Forever) on this Hawaiian Lanai (porch). Obviously, I did not stay Mau Loa but my mind does wonder back from time to time. In a Hawaiian home, we should always bring the outside in and that is what we did in the living room of this Gardenia. The homeowner was raised in Hawaii and her love for tropical foliage and outdoor spaces could now be appreciated when we opened up the wall to view her grand Lanai from the living room somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• Nothing wrongAfter Image shows the Lush Lanai - Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer
There was nothing at all wrong with the living room. It was a beautiful reflection of color and Hawaii but there was fabulous lanai behind the wall. The home lot is angled and allowed the homeowner to add a very large lanai off the side of the house. The idea of seeing all the lush beauty of the lanai and hearing the water feature was very appealing. It added visual value to the home because the access to the Lanai increased.

• Open up the wall
The wall was removed and a four panel sliding glass door was installed. If you are considering this it is important to request a door that opens in the middle. The access to the outside will be through the middle of the room.

• Window casement and trim
Once the sliders are installed the window needs to be finished with casement molding and a header. This creates a beautiful picture frame for the new view that you are highlighting.

• Furniture placement
We moved the couch to the wall opposing the TV. This placement would allow watching the TV from a straight on perspective from the couch. We had room for the brown barrel chair angled into the room and a round side table worked between the couch and the chair. All the way to the right of the sofa we place a side table made of stacked turtles (honu) for a unique Hawaiian touch. The two blue barrel chairs were moved to flank the TV. This is a nicely rounded out seating area that is comfortable for conversation. We were able to place a sofa table behind the sofa which makes the room feel cozier. Also, each chair has a table for guest to use making the space highly functional.

• Lamps
We were able to move the blue lamps that were in the living room into the master bedroom and move the lamps from the bedroom into the living room. The new lamps in the space looked amazing because they are green glass and the light coming through the sliders made the lamps look like green water.

• Art
We were able to reuse the beautiful flowers that were between the windows in the master bedroom! We did not get rid of anything we repurposed everything. The large water scene above the TV moved to the wall behind the sofa and we hung a picture from the guest bedroom above the TV. Good art can always shift around the house and still look great.

• Rug
The only new purchase that was made was the rug. This rug looks like a big splash of ocean in the middle of the room. It is the pop of color the draws you in and the angle that pulls you to the door making you want to see more.

• Lanai
Just beyond the door, there is water, fire and sky blending to create a tropical paradise and the homeowner can share the spirit of Aloha with her friends.
Though the lanai looks Hawaiian this is Florida and it rains every afternoon to create a steam bath and everything stays damp. Opening up the wall now allows the homeowner to enjoy seeing the lanai no matter the weather or the time of year.

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