Look for the Boom!

By the time you read this, I will have seen the best fireworks display in central Florida! I will have witnessed the Fourth of July fireworks display from the roof top of the Contemporary Hotel at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom this year. I remember, as a child I was always so fearful of the booming fireworks but now I love to see the magic in the sky that only Disney can provide as we celebrate our Independence. The word boom when used, evokes ideas of loud sounds or spectacular visual excitement and it can be the equivalent of a verbal punctuation mark when used in speech to capture someone’s attention but what about in the world of decorating? What is the boom in a room? What is that thing that makes you look and say wow? In the world of decorating, how do we get the visual boom that excites us and makes us want to see more? Let’s peek into a few spaces to see what makes the boom in a room somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

•  Kitchen
White kitchens! A bright white kitchen will never go out of style, and it provides much needed lightness that so many of my client’s request. I have many clients toy around with the idea of having different colored cabinetry such as blue, or navy blue, or grey but when it comes down to spending money, on different colored cabinetry they end up choosing white. When you consider that you will be spending at least 10,000 dollars or more, you want to be sure that you will like the color for the entire time you will be living in the home. White kitchens allow the granite or the quartz to really shine in the space so chose a countertop that will be the exclamation point in the room. Again, make sure that you will like looking at it for a long time. Finally, I like to run the granite or the quartz up the back of the wall for a full back splash treatment. A full granite or quartz backsplash provides a seamless look in the space. There is no grout to deal with and when the undercounter lighting is shining on the backsplash it looks so rich in the space.

•  Living roomsLiving-room with some of the examples, Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer.
Large Accessories make a huge visual impact and set the tone for a great focal point. We placed a large black and white clock that looked like it came from a Paris flea market high on the top of the cabinet, taking center stage. Large lanterns are on the right of the clock make a huge visual impact that complement the clock and grasses with antique finials look beautiful on the left. The fear from most people decorating themselves would be that the clock is too big. If they weren’t afraid on their own there would be a friend who could offer an opinion that would make theme afraid, and the big clock would never happen. If you want to try something with large visual impact, then try it! How will you know otherwise? A large focal point creates a visual boom!

•  Shutters
Shutters are great to finish a window! A shutter comes with molding all the way around it so the window is trimmed out with casement molding and looks very finished. If you want a little more visual pop, you can add a header with crown molding to the top of the shutter. Shutters always look great and add brightness to a space. If you would like a little more visual boom, then add stationary side panels. The side panels are hung to just graze the side of the casement molding and add color, texture, and sound absorption to a space.

•  Colorful art
Let your art have color! Color makes a room come to life and creates visual boom. If you prefer soft colors in your art, then make the art big. Large pieces can be soft but make a huge visual statement just because of their size.

•  Headboards
I am always amazed at how many people do not have headboards! A headboard is a must for a focal point in a bedroom. I like to use padded headboards to achieve a more custom look whenever possible. If I have a customer who has great bedroom furniture but it the furniture is older, we can rejuvenate the entire room by adding in a custom padded headboard! If you have a low headboard but want a great visual impact above the bed, then chose large art above the bed.

•  Indoor / outdoor curtains on the lanai
The quickest way to add the boom to a lanai is to hang indoor/curtains at the corners of the lanai. The pop of color drawing the eye upward in the space make the lanai come to life.

•  Interesting shower curtain
The quickest way to add visual interest to the bathroom is to hang a beautiful shower curtain. The shower curtain is the first thing that is seen when walking into a bathroom so make it pop!

•  Big mirrors

A mirror can never be too big! Think about it, it is a mirror, and it reflects everything around it. At the very least a mirror will make any room look bigger by creating a mirror image of space. Don’t be afraid of big mirrors, they add visual Boom!
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