One Bold Pattern

Finally, I watched Downton Abbey! I have been told how good it is and always replied that I was more interested in the Elizabethan era of England. However, upon returning from Key West with a bad head cold and lots of time on my hands, I discovered I like the Edwardian Era of English history too. Downton is a fictional story but the home is real and the decorating is true to the era which includes lots of heavy gilded molding and damask wallpaper with heavy drapery.
As beautiful as that by gone era was it is not often that I am asked for pattern, pattern everywhere. I love prints and patterns but most of my customers prefer casement molding to window treatments. For that reason I am left to add print in rugs, pillows, or furniture. Let’s take a peek into the living room of a Sanibel Model that has received one big dose of large pattern and now the room pops somewhere in the Heart of The Villages.

• Remove old window treatmentsliving room, Sanibel Model - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer - in the Villages of Florida,
The old window treatment was an upholstered cornice with side panels on each side to hide the verticals. The upholstered cornice was darker and seemed heavy on the window. We had it removed as well as the vertical. The homeowner did not have any new privacy treatment added because they did not use the old vertical and they live on the golf course so privacy at the back of the house was not an issue.

• Casement molding
We wanted to highlight the view of the golf course in the large window. To do this we had the molding company install large casement molding around the window and finish the top with a beautiful header. The large white molding becomes a large picture frame to show the view beyond the window. Not only is framing the windows like this a beautiful thing but it is a great investment in the home. The more finish molding you can add to your home, the more custom it will look.

• Large rug
The living room in this model is big and therefore it needs a big rug. We found a rug the really popped and made a great statement in the space. The base color of the rug is navy blue and the large blooms on the rug contain lighter blues with hints of teal and tan. This rug is a 9’x13’ and it fills the room nicely. Now that we have a large patterned rug in the room, I would only add more print in pillows.

• New couch
The homeowners needed a new couch. We were able to find one off the show room floor that was perfect. We were looking for an off white couch to keep the space light. If you are wondering why we chose a light couch it is because the couch would be in front a very large sliding glass door. Any piece of furniture in front of a large window looks better when it is light. Dark furniture in front of a window will appear darker when you look out the window because the human eye will darken anything in front of the light.

• Two new recliners
The homeowners needed new recliners and they wanted them to fit their bodies and be streamlined. Not only are the two that they purchased streamlined but they are super comfortable as well. We chose them in sandy tan leather which coordinated perfectly with the rug since there was sandy tan in the rug too.

• Swivel rocking chair
The seating area needed to be rounded out with more seating but the homeowner did not want too much furniture in the space. The homeowners chose to purchase one swivel rocking chair. We had the chair covered in a solid teal blue. The chair is very comfortable and if the homeowners needed two chairs the room can hold two of the swivel chairs.

• One large art piece
The homeowners wanted to incorporate Florida into the space and they liked bright blues. They chose a large piece by Alan Maltz titled, “Endless Journey”.
In this piece the artist captured a private dock on Sugar Loaf Key and the water in the photo is so perfect and clear that the picture is mesmerizing.

• Skirted table
We chose to use a skirted side table instead of an open side table beside the sofa and the entertainment unit. The corner was large and we did not want to look through the shelf of a side table and see electrical sockets and cords. The skirted table with glass on top provides a lush southern touch to any space and completely fills in large corners.

• Three lamps
The room has three overhead accent lights but we needed to add task lighting. Table lamps add task lighting and warm ambient light as well. We added two lamps that matched in a blue and white stripe and a third lamp by the swivel chair that coordinates with the two matching lamps. I usually incorporate at least three lamps into a living room space.

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Before and After Pics Below