The Peaceful Sea

There has been so much spring break activity and I know that it is wonderful when family visits, but it can also run you a bit ragged. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space in which you could take a relaxing break? One of the best spaces to take a break in when the family visits is the Master Bedroom, but it is often the most neglected space or the last space to get attention in the home. What if you could lie down on a cool crisp bed that was afloat on the gentle ocean? You could be rocked to sleep by the movement of soft waves fanning out along the shoreline. That sounds good and though you may not actually be floating, the rug could make it appear that you are floating. Let’s peek into the Master bedroom of a Lantana Model that was finished just in time for the family to visit somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

  •  Inspiration for the spaceroom looks finished and relaxing, Interior Design - Home Décor by Ruth Dyer, Master Bedroom.
The homeowners are from the mid-west, and they wanted a Florida Coastal vibe the was inspired by the Florida coastline. Some might say, “You are not at the beach so why have beachy stuff?” to which I would respond, “most people aren’t farmers, but the farmhouse look was everywhere for years.” I don’t think you have to live in the geographical area to be inspired by the geographical area. Many homes have décor from around the world and many homes have décor from their home state. Everything is fine if it makes you happy in your home. When you sit in your living room at night you should be surrounded by things that inspire you and make you feel good.

  •  Paint
Since the homeowners did not have a plan for the bedroom when they moved in, but they had to paint, they decided on a nice tan for the entire house, and it worked out great! The soft tan with golden undertones has depth and remains very light in the space. The idea for the bedroom was to have a coastal feeling that was light and airy.

  •  Furniture
The homeowners chose white furniture that has shuttered doors for a Tommy Bahama look and the white pops against the tan walls. We added a tan wooden table to the space that was a bit farmhouse style but, in the bedroom, it took on a coastal vibe and looked like it was driftwood inspired. I love it when furniture that was one style can be seen as another style just by changing its environment. Though there is a bench at the end of the bed there was still room for a cute barrel chair that I am sure will be a clothing or bedding collector at some point.

  •  Art
The art above the bed is a beautiful beach with two palms trees that sway inviting you into the space. The serenity of the picture makes one want to linger and maybe take a nap.

  •  Rug
The rug is an 8×10 which works great but if you have the space and want a 9×12 that will work also. The rug looks like waves lapping onto the shore. I think if we turned on the sound machine and the ceiling fan, we might actually feel like we were at the beach. Remember that when placing a rug in the bedroom, the walking path from the entry door of the bedroom to the bathroom should be completely bare with no rug or with a larger rug, the walking path should be completely covered with the rug. I like to walk completely on the rug or completely off the rug. Tripping hazards occur when you are walking half on and half off a rug.

  •  Bedding
The bedding is one that has been quite popular because it is so pretty! It is called Mahina by Levtex home, it has layers of bright blues, and the print is different types of coral from the ocean. There is also a touch of tan in the coverlet. We started the bed set with a white coverlet that is the size of a bedspread. The bed is high, and the mattress is thick, so most standard coverlets did not fit. The bedspread was perfect! We added three Euro pillows that coordinate with the bedding along the back headboard. We placed the two king-size Mahina print pillows in front of the Euro pillows. We added a cute pillow that says beach life to finish the pillow set. Finally, we folded the printed coverlet up to create a bed runner that we placed at the end of the bed for a pop of color. I like to use the printed coverlet as a decorative bed runner because it will stay nice longer if it is not washed too much.

  •  Lamps
The lamps finish the bedding off perfectly. These lamps are colored glass that is the perfect color to coordinate with the bedding and the art! The shades are sandy tan and just finish off the lamps nicely. When the light shines through the windows in the daytime the lamps look bright without the light on.Call Ruth your full service decorator at: 352-804-2056
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