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I don’t always get to show off the work that I do in Villas for a reason. Many of my customers who own villas say things like, “Well I don’t want to over-invest… after all it is a villa.” I always respond with, “This is your home and I would not qualify the options available to myself based on the size of my home.” If I waited to have a big home in order to install crown molding and have fabulous furniture then I probably would never get it. My personal home is about 1760 square feet and I don’t plan on moving any time soon so I have decked it out and created a space that I love. Webster’s dictionary defines a villa as: the rural or suburban residence of a wealthy person. Therefore, I think we should all want to elevate our villas and have them reflect the stately nature of our larger homes…even if you don’t have a larger home. Every house deserves to be fabulous, no matter the size! Let’s take a peek into the living room and dining room of an Emerald model villa that is light and bright with a casually elegant style somewhere in the heart of The Villages.

• PaintLight Bright and Inviting, Emerald model villa, Interior Design - in the Villages of Florida.
The homeowner wanted a paint that was neutral, warm, and complemented the beautiful things that she owned. We decided that the color Patience SW7555 was the perfect choice for her home. Patience is what I would consider to be the perfect crème. It is a balance of tan, white, and a touch of almost undetectable gold. The touch of gold adds life to the paint and keeps it bright. Always paint in an eggshell or satin finish because it helps to bounce light around the space which makes the paint have depth. Also, the paint should be applied then allowed to dry and a second coat should then be applied. Always get two coats no matter what the contractor says. Don’t depend on them to do it you have to ask.

• Casement molding and cornices
The windows all received large casement molding around the sides of the windows. The window was finished at the top with a white wooden cornice board that can be removed if the blind needed to be replaced. The wooden cornice has a nice crown molding detail that draws the eye upward. The sliding glass door has a vertical blind that is mounted externally. We could not apply the casement molding because the vertical would cover it when closed. We opted to install the white wooden cornice board to cover the top mechanics of the vertical and make the slider look visually cohesive with the other windows. When you look into the space all of the windows look finished and the crown molding on the cornices draws the eye upward making the space seem larger and brighter. In this model the crown molding on the cornices commands so much attention that you don’t miss crown molding on the ceiling line.

• Seating pieces
The homeowner brought high quality furniture with her but the fabrics needed updating. We decided to have the two chairs recovered in a lighter brighter fabric. We chose a woven crème and tan fabric that lightened the chairs and made them look brand new again. The couch was in great shape and it was a solid green which worked very well in the space so we kept it that way. Tip: Consider recovering your furniture if it is good quality. The investment will be worth it.

• Rugs
We added two 8×11 rugs to the space. The rugs match and they are antelope print and the fabric is wool. They were purchased on-line from Ballard Designs and they were a great quality for a great price. I like repeating the same rug in a small space so that we are not getting too many competing prints in the room. The room feels calm with two rugs of the same print.

• New chandelier
The homeowner purchased a new chandelier that is made of layered glass hanging from antique gold tiers. I like how the new chandelier adds so much style to the space but still appears physically light in the space.

• Artwork
The homeowner wanted new artwork. She wanted to remove most of the red from the space and most of the artwork had some red so we removed it and bought new statement pieces. The photo above the couch is titled, “Pathway to Paradise” by Alan Maltz, the official wildlife and fine arts photographer of Florida. This is a custom sized stretched canvas that the artist framed in a dark wood frame with a crème silk liner. The photograph is composed of a beautiful sunset in Old Florida sienna tones. It is stunning on the wall between the windows and over the sofa. This one large piece creates a sophisticated focal point but the room feels functional and inviting.

• Candle sconces
We added candle sconces on the small wall between the windows. These add a touch of low candle light to the space creating an inviting intimate look at night.

• New Lamps
The homeowner selected two new lamps to live on each side of the sofa. They have the appearance of carved stone with a touch of gold at the top. They also look casual but elegant. A family heirloom lamp finishes the space and provides light on the right hand side of the chair. This lamp is a gold finish and it is a classic piece that blends with the new lamps very well.

• Vintage side tables
The side tables are heritage pieces from her parents. They are quite valuable vintage mid-century modern solid wood tables in mint condition. They look beautiful in the space.

• New accessories and pillows
We purchased new pillows that have all the colors in the artwork from the sage green to the golden hue of the sun. The pillows pull it all together. Finally, a few new chunky accessories on the coffee table finish the room.
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